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  • Curious about what Art Therapy is?
  • Do you wish to have greater connect to your creativity and intuition?
  • Are you seeking more relaxation and greater wellbeing in your everyday life?
  • Fancy a few hours of exploring, fun and play?

If you’ve said yes to the above questions, you’re in the right place!  Art Therapy is for anyone who is willing to express their creativity, not just the artists amongst us.  It’s also a gentle way to reduce stress, increase well-being and create more mindfulness in day to day life.  By practicing art therapy, you can form a greater connection to your inner child in forms of playfulness, curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Your time in this workshop will be spent being guided through a series of gentle activities where you will create a painting using watercolour paints.  You will be given plenty of time and support to truly connect to your creativity and inner self in difference ways, using different art materials and paper.  You will also learn how you can incorporate art therapy into your every day life and continue to reap the benefits in life and work.   A fun, mindful, creative experience for all!

What you'll get

• All materials are provided

what to bring

• openness and curiosity


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