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Intuitive Tarot: The Minor Arcana, is for anyone who has done Psychic Sarah’s Intuitive Tarot Major Arcana class, or anyone who has at least a basic knowledge of the tarot. In this workshop, you will tackle the Minor Arcana – all 56 cards, all the suits and the court cards. You will learn how to intuitively respond to the cards so that you don’t have to memorise the meanings.

In 3 hours we will go through the Minor Arcana, doing a few tarot spreads designed to deepen your understanding of the different suits and court cards. By the end of the class, you will know the whole deck and can continue to practice your new skills on friends and family! This is a fast-paced and information-packed class, so come ready to dive in and learn.

What you'll get

  • Introduction to my unique method of intuitively understanding the Minor Arcana tarot cards.
  • Skills to help you take your tarot learning to the next level.
  • Practice time plus some new tarot spreads to learn

what to bring

  • You can bring your own tarot deck, or borrow a deck for the night. For this class, I recommend the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, or any tarot deck with pictorial Minor Arcana cards (i.e not just pip cards for the Minor Arcana, such as the Marseille deck)
  • Bring a pen and paper if you’d like to take notes!


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