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Rest in Pieces invites existing students from the 1-day Beginner Rat Taxidermy class or participants who have completed the DIY Revival Kit to join our 2-day Intermediate Rabbit Workshop.

Throughout the 2-day Workshop (9 – 8 pm both Saturday and Sunday) we will lead you further down the taxidermy rabbit hole, building upon and refining your skills in skinning, fleshing, preserving, and mounting a complete specimen. You will also be guided through the traditional torso building technique of soft body wrapping.

At the end of the 2-day workshop, you will walk away with a gorgeous rabbit in your choice of one of three poses: standing, sitting, or lying down. You will also have the option of purchasing a Take Home Kit to practice your newly acquired skills in your own time.

As usual, the RIP team will take care of everything for you. All necessary tools along with your specimen, apron, food, drinks, and even wine will be provided on the day.

Installment billing is available at the workshop checkout!

Would you like to book a Take Home Kit?

Workshop + Kit contains the following:

– Frozen Rabbit

– Tools for skinning and mounting your specimen

– Products for cleaning, fleshing, and specimen preparation

– List of instructions used during the 2-day workshop

Please note: if you are flying in from interstate and want a Take Home Kit, you will need to have check-in luggage as many of the sharp items will not be accepted in hand luggage.


Book tickets here:


What you'll get

Your own specimen to work on

Create your own beautiful Rabbit from start to finish

Optional Take Home Kit to work on your skills in your own time

All the tools required for the 2-day workshop

Lunch, snacks, refreshments, bubbles, and wine

A full 2-day intermediate experience

Spend time with like-minded people and a wonderful community

Techniques and processes for skinning, fleshing, preserving, body wrapping, and mounting your specimen over 2 days

Choose to mount your specimen either standing, sitting, or lying down

what to bring

Camera or camera phone

A strong tummy

Dress in layers to suit a warehouse climate