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If you’re constantly itching to read your friends’ fortunes using Tarot and want to up your game, this intermediate class is for you. You should already have a handle on the cards’ upright meanings, of which there are 78, and this workshop will teach you how to read in reverse, or upside down, meaning 156 total cards to memorise. You’ll learn quick and easy tips for remembering each meaning and how to analyse the cards as they fall.

This class follows on from Beginners’ Tarot and is open to all intermediary divination enthusiasts. We’ll start with introductions, then a lecture-type discussion outlining the basics of reading in reverse, followed by memory exercises and history for each card. Then we’ll shuffle the decks and ease into freestyle fortune-telling in pairs so you can practise. You’ll go home with a comprehensive understanding of reading in reverse, along with a helpful booklet and memory associations for each card. Don’t be a fool, embrace the esoteric and become a formidable cartomancer. All signs point to yes.

What you'll get

  • Comprehensive teaching on how to read in reverse
  • Information booklet on reading in reverse
  • Wine and snacks

what to bring

  • Your favourite tarot deck


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