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Instagram has shaped the way we create and communicate. We can now instantly connect with likeminded people around the world and upload, share and like photos. But there is no point sharing photos on Instagram if they’re too dark or blurry, bleak or bright. Or if they lack personality, creativity or value. Why? Because people won’t engage with them; it’s really that simple. So how can you take better Instagram photos? What do you need to establish and maintain a successful Instagram account? How can you create a community hungry for your next Instagram post? This practical, hands on workshop will show you how.

This workshop will:

  • Reveal the secrets and tricks used by successful bloggers, brands and businesses all around the world
  • Show students how to take better Instagram photos
  • Share the systems and processes successful bloggers and brands have in place to create a great social media workflow

What you'll get

The students will walk away with inspiration, motivation and practical advice to take their Instagram photography to the next level. They will also be given:

  • Instagram Photography Cheat Sheet
  • Landscape Photography Tip Sheet
  • Flat Lay Photography Tip Sheet
  • Photography Resources Sheet
  • Tips on successful use of algorithm, insights, engagement, and video stories.

what to bring

Props will be provided at the workshop, however every student will need to:

  • Download the Afterlight and Snapped photo editing apps before the workshop
  • Bring their mobile phones fully charged
  • Bring their happiness and positivity
  • Be ready and willing to learn and grow their current Instagram skill base


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