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Craft Your Signature Scents: Incense Making Workshop

Unleash your inner alchemist in our incense workshop where you’ll dive into the art of scent blending. This isn’t your average class; it’s a journey into the captivating world of incense making where you’ll unravel the secrets of crafting handmade incense.

Beginner-Friendly Bliss
Don’t stress if you’re a newbie; We’ve designed it to be chill and enjoyable, ensuring you not only learn but have a blast doing it. You’ll get hands-on with sustainable woods, resins, herbs, roots, and dried flowers, concocting blends that are a feast for the senses.

Shape and Mold Like a Pro
Taking it up a notch, you won’t just create blends; you’ll shape them into the classics—cones and sticks. Get the lowdown on the art of crafting these timeless forms, turning your aromatic creations into something straight out of an olfactory dream.

Take the Aroma Home
The best part? You’re not just leaving with newfound wisdom; you’re leaving with your handmade incense. Picture this: you, lighting up your very own creation, filling your home with an aroma you crafted. Learn the tricks to care for and store your scents so that the magic lasts.

Dive into Tradition with a Twist
Immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions and techniques. Join us for an unforgettable workshop where you’ll not only discover the art of incense making but leave with a rad skill to keep crafting at home.


What you'll get

  • Four batches of custom incense cones and sticks, formulated by you! (approx 6-8 sticks per batch)
  • All materials provided
  • Expert assistance from one of Australia’s leading scent specialists.

what to bring

  • Just yourself!


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