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In any creative industry, developing your own style is key not only to generate interest in your work, but also to develop your own direction and themes. Over the three hours of this workshop we’ll explore a range of different approaches towards technique, composition, detail and experimentation, focusing on pushing a basic knowledge of hand lettering and illustration to that next level.

This workshop is great for anyone looking to develop their lettering or illustration experience that little bit further, whether you’ve mastered the basics of typography and drawing or are just getting started!

What you'll get

  • You’ll receive a zine to take home especially created for the workshop, that covers all of the content and approaches covered – so all you have to do is focus on what’s right in front of you rather than taking notes!
  • There will also be a range of prepared letter styles, paper, pens and pencils to use and experiment with.

what to bring

  • Feel free to bring along that special something you love to use – or even something you’ve been dying to experiment with!
  • Bring along a camera/ camera phone to document your process along the way