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Lauren YS is an artist/illustrator/muralist whose work tends toward the creepy, bizarre and generally weird.

This 4 hour workshop is for anyone looking to unleash some of the darker stuff in their inky little brains – a crash course in illustration techniques with the freedom to draw up something nasty rather than nice.

Lauren will be leading the class through the same process she uses to create her own work–harnessing the skeletons in your closet; bringing them from concept to sketch to fully-inked illustration. Influences include mythology, horror, ghost stories, dreams, anxieties, nightmares, monsters, the grotesque, whatever keeps you up at night.

For more examples of Lauren’s work, check out her Instagram (@lolo.ys) or website at laurenys.com

What you'll get

Paper, Pencils, Pens, Markers and Reference Imagery to use in class and a Cheeky Little Zine to take home 🙂



what to bring

  • Imagination and a little freakiness.
  • If you have any materials you enjoy working with or a sketchbook bring them along!



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