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I’d Letterpress The Shit Out Of That was devised in the Gold Coast Airport departure lounge. Naturally.

Typism had just wrapped for its second year. A conference featuring a swag of talented type and lettering artists sharing their skills and their stories, and a couple of them were waiting for planes home. Someone said something about letterpress and an exhibition was born.

Lettering and letterpress share a lot of common ground. Both straddle a 0.25pt line between commercial design and fine art. We are designers and we are artists and we view the world through the lens of our work. This is an exhibition that celebrates and expresses both the collaborative nature of the two crafts, and the way in which we each tackle the day as eight letterers and one letterpress printer.

The exhibition features an original piece by each artist, letterpress printed in limited edition.

Opening night will include live hand-lettering and letterpress demonstrations.

Artists featured include:

Jess Cruickshank

Jamie Clarke

Carla Hackett

Barry Spencer

Luke Lucas

Jasmine Dowling

Dave Foster

Dominique Falla

Saint Gertrude

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What you'll get

Live lettering, letterpress and drinks!

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