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Most of Photoshop’s primitive tools, like the lasso and brush, have many hidden strengths that even veteran users of the program could overlook.  This class will introduce the hidden strengths of basic features available to you, while teaching non-destructive practices that guarantee better results.

As the tools will be completely broken down and readdressed, and workflows will be taught from the ground up, this lesson will be suitable for Photoshoppers of any (or no) experience.

This workshop will go for 2 hours, with the first half devoted to understanding the inner dynamics of the brush and lasso tool, and the last introducing layers and non-destructive practices.

From this class, you’ll leave with some of the vital foundations needed to grasp the full power Photoshop has to offer.

What you'll get

  • Photoshop skillz dat pay da billz!

what to bring

  • Laptop

  • Photoshop (1 month free trial available on Adobe website)

  • mouse or drawing tablet (optional)