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Hey, green fiends, quit spending your house deposit on flora. Would you like to literally grow your plant collection for free? The answer’s in propagation. With careful snipping and tender care, you can clone your existing plants indefinitely. But before you go hacking away at your babies, you’ll need the skills and know-how from this comprehensive two hour class for inexperienced horticulturalists.

We’ll sip prosecco and introduce you to a wide range of house plants from various plant families, and cover tips for best placement and care in your home or office. Covering a bunch of propagating techniques, including by water, moss, sand, and soil, we’ll show you the different methods required for each plant family. Together we’ll concoct a propagation mixture that your plants will love, and we’ll cover how and when to fertilise for best results. For plants suffering from health issues or infestations, we’ve got your back, outlining treatments for common and not-so-common problems. You’ll leave with three cuttings, a propagating 101 handbook, and the knowledge and confidence to make your own army of green clones at home.

What you'll get

  • 3x cuttings/pup from a wide variety of plants
  • Expert guidance and information on successful propagation
  • Prosecco!

what to bring

  • Notepad to take notes
  • Your own plants that you’d like to duplicate – Best to get some guidance before snipping your beloved plant baby to pieces!


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