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Leather worker and wallet maker Harry PeppittĀ will walk you through, step by step, how to make a strong,Ā long lasting, beautifulĀ leather wallet!
By the end of the course, you will have in your pocket your very own leather wallet. In your brain, however, a wealth of new information shall reside. LearnĀ how to work with leather, learn to design and assemble your very own card holder, learn how to saddle stitch, and (obviously)Ā have some fun in the process!

Using this new information you will construct, with your own hands, a completely hand-made-no-machines-used leather wallet, all your friends will be jealous of!
You will walk away from this work-shop with a sound understanding of the basics of leather working.


All materials will be supplied, so prepare your self for a fun and practical work-shop!

What you'll get

  • A completely hand-made leather wallet

  • The knowledge required to venture out into the uncharted depths of the leather working world!

what to bring

  • Just yourself!


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