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Learn how to make handmade brushes in a variety of mediums in all shapes and sizes! Brushes will be made from gathered native plant fibres, found materials and feathers.  Brushes are then bound onto driftwood, pre-loved brush handles, found objects, twigs or bamboo.

Each brush made will hold its own story. The story of the places we walk, inhabit and the landscape of where we live.  This is why it is encourage for students to bring materials to incorporate into their brushes.  Flora/ feathers /string/ropes/wool /wire/ work best for handmade brushes.  All materials will be supplied if you do not wish to bring any materials with you.

Students will be shown how to paint an array of works using their handmade brushes.  Eg elephants, tulips, poppies, etc.  Have fun using each brush with coloured inks to experiment with different strokes and effects.

What you'll get

A set of handmade brushes made from natural flora.

Artworks made in class, also works done in sizes suitable to frame!

what to bring

  • OPTIONAL – students are welcome to bring their own ‘stuff ‘ to add to decorate their brushes
  • Dress in old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy in


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