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This introductory class will explore two methods approaches to custom hand lettering: drawing and writing. Participants will start off by warming up with expressive brush lettering exercises. Gaining a understanding of the principles involved (rhythm, repetition, spacing, pressure, stroke contrast, speed) and how to apply them through demonstrations and technique break downs from Leona.

The second half of the class will cover letterform creation through drawing exercises.  Focusing on visual balance participants will learn how to customise lettering through adding flourishes, detail, style and how it changes the meaning or tone of voice.

Participants are welcome to work on their own lettered piece in the last half with guidance from Leona.  All letter lovers welcome!

What you'll get

  • Workbook to follow on the day with tips and techniques
  • Brush pen and all exercises from the class

what to bring

  • 1-2 words or phrases if you‚Äôd like to create your own custom lettering piece


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