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Graphic Recording is the translation of conversations into images and text on large sheets of paper or a white board during meetings and events.  The combination of images and words creates a ‘map’ of key themes and ideas from the discussion. It is, quite literally, the art of listening. Graphic Recorders listen to a speaker and transcribe the information in a visual manner – perfect for graphic designers and artists looking to expand their skill set!

In this workshop you will learn the basic skills involved in successfully capturing ideas visually using illustrations, icons, fonts and different layouts. The skill of graphic recording and visual thinking helps to communicate your message or the message of a speaker in a fluent and captivating way. By using the skills in this workshop, you can apply this method to any conditions, whether it be in the office, to enhance a presentation or to simply capture a valuable message.

The workshop will cover what tools to use, penmanship, how to draw basic icons and fonts, and how to make the space work and appear neat and clear.

What you'll get

  • All materials provided to give graphic recording a go!


what to bring

  • Nothing but an open mind!


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