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Have you ever paid for a stranger’s coffee? Have you ever arrived at work on a Monday to find your office filled with flowers for no particular reason? Have you sent a friend a handwritten letter to tell them how awesome they are just because? If you’ve had any of these experiences then maybe you’ll remember that amazing feeling you had being the giver or receiver of an act of kindness.

In this class we will look at the positive impact acts of kindness have on the giver, the receiver and the wider community (it’s a win-win!), and how we can use our own individual passions and interests to take part in easy, fun, everyday kindness activities.

The night will also be a bit of a craft party (woo!). You will get to…
– Make some beautiful letters/notes of inspiration to be given out to people at the Golden Exhibition
– Decorate your very own gratitude jar
– Take part in contributing to a giant “Pay It Forward” poster that will be put on display for the public

WARNING! I’m about to drop some research on you! Did you know that there is a proven correlation between kindness leading to feelings of trust and safety within a community? It’s true! Kindness can also increase personal contentment and emotional resilience. In a nutshell, kindness is AWESOME for your mental and emotional health.

So, let’s hang out, get creative and do some kind stuff!


Golden the Exhibition is a charity art show in support of Australian Youth Mental Health Foundation headspace. The one-night-only event grants us the opportunity to come together and both support some incredible creative talent, and again open the discussion surrounding mental health.

Work-Shop is proud to be a primary partner and host of the event, which is taking place on Friday 25th September.

$5 from every ticket sold for the ‘Golden’ Workshops will be donated to headspace 🙂

Find out more about the exhibition at www.goldentheexhibition.com

What you'll get

  • All materials provided
  • Light snacks
  • Good times!

what to bring

  • Just yourself and your sense of creative adventure!
  • You may also like to bring a favourite quote or come with your very own act of kindness in mind