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Hail to girl power!

Join us for a chilled-out Saturday paint sesh with Vanderlism who will guide you through some basics in the art of aerosol.

There’ll be ciders, beats and everything you need to get painting !!

In this course each student will be given a photographic image to replicate in a their own stylised way using a spray-can. Through demonstration, hands on guidance, and some tips and tricks along the way, we’ll take you step by step through how to paint your chosen image on a wall. This course will be mainly focusing on exploring the aerosol medium whilst having fun, so that hopefully you can take some skills away in which to practice!

What you'll get

  • Introduction and a break down on how to structure a piece/ artwork – including outlines, fills, cutbacks, scale and proportion
  • Run-down on different types of paints, caps, can pressure and colour selection
  • Some basic techniques to get you started
  • ‘Free time’ at the end of class to have a jam & practice your new skills

what to bring

  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty – Spray paint mess and fun to be expected
  • Sketchbooks, artworks – anything you would like to possibly interpret into a large scale/ street art piece