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Welcome to Ginger Cribs!

In this class, led by the extremely talented Hayley Thorncraft of CakeGrrl, you will learn all there is to to know about how to create your own siiiiick gingerbread crib.  You’ll learn how to assemble various styles of houses using templates provided, how to make icing to construct your masterpiece, and of course, how to decorate!

Hayley will cover different piping techniques, as well as how to make a piping bag, so you can leave with an epic gingerbread house, all your holiday party guests will be jealous of.

Leave your appetite at home, because these masterpieces will be too beautiful to eat 🙂

What you'll get

  • Gingerbread recipe with tips for making, template cutting and baking
  • Everything you need to build your own gingy mansion: templates for house frame, baked pieces to assemble, lollies to decorate
  • A booklet with inspiration and tips and tricks for future reference!


what to bring

  • Just yourself!  Oh and maybe eat before, because these tasty houses are definitely gonna make you hungry 🙂


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