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Remember how wonderfulĀ it was to receive pop-up books and cards as a kid? Well, we’reĀ bringing 3D back in this 3 hour crafty session set to take your book-making to another dimension.

In this workshop you will design your own paper folds and learn different techniques to create your own pop up book.Ā  Each page will be constructed as a single page, then bound together. You will learn the different technical approaches to paper cutting and the mechanical elements on how to make them 3D from a page then lie flat.

Once we have created each pop up page we will bind them togetherĀ and you’ll leave with a wonderful and complete pop-up book, as well as the knowledge on how to create more in the future.

Let’s get it poppin.

What you'll get

  • Bookbinding pack of everything needed to create your pop up book
  • Notes and smart af directions
  • Bragging rights when your book is complete

what to bring

Just yourself!


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