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Think you can write? Sure you can. It’s as easy as putting pen to paper, right?

Maybe it’s time to put down the pen, pencil, keyboard or smartphone and re-think how you write – there’s far more to writing then just doing it.

Working through the variables of what, why, who and where, you’ll walk away with the tools to help you tailor copy to achieve the outcomes you’re looking form, whether it’s writing online content for your blog or a press release for your next event!

In this 1.5 hour workshop we’ll explore:

  • What you’re writing – key messaging and arranging information.
  • Why you’re writing – the intended result or action elicited by the writing.
  • Who you’re writing for – the intended audience.
  • Where you’re writing it – the site of publication.

We’ll also consider sentence structure, tone of voice, and how to make your writing simple, meaningful and accessible.

What you'll get

  • Learn simple and practical tools and techniques that will help improve your writing tenfold.
  • A cheat sheet of useful notes to take home.

what to bring

Pen and paper/ laptop/ typewriter/ etch-a-sketch/ something to take notes on!



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