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Chai has been used to heal for over 5000 years as a part of Ayurveda and it is the drink that defines India. A Chai Walli is a popular term in India given to chai ladies and Chai Walla is given to chai men. Melbourne’s very own Chai Walli makes handcrafted artisan chai blends inspired by her Grandfather who was a natural medicine doctor.

Chai has its own language, it comes in different shapes and forms. It varies across different regions and it’s an integral part of the Indian lifestyle.

In this workshop you will learn the language of chai. We’ll teach you how to identity different spices and what their remedial properties are. By the end of this workshop you will be able to make chai authentically with your very own take-home chai blend and be certified Chai Walla or Chai Walli!

You will also learn about Ayurveda and how it is integrated in Chai Walli’s chai blends.  Ayurveda is India’s natural healing system, which takes a holistic approach in medicine. It views people as microcosms – a universe within oneself and teaches us how to self-heal.

Come and get some spice in your life – it’s good for you!

What you'll get

  • A cup of freshly brewed authentic chai
  • Herbs and spices
  • Mortar and pestles to use in class for mixing your own unique blend
  • Recipes for chai-inspired recipes to try at home

what to bring

  • A thirst for knowledge and a hunger for awesomeness!
  • A notepad and pen