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Get ready for some serious signwriting with one of the coolest signpainters in Australia!

In this class, Gaston will show you insights into the craft of signpainting, sharing plenty tips, tricks, and techniques to get you started as a painter — or add to your own skillset.

In this fun, action packed day if painting, you will learn all the basic knowledge and skills required to start painting your own signs, and learn a bunch about design and lettering along the way.

Topics covered include:

  • Essential signpainting materials
  • Paint mixing and brush paletting, and proper brush care
  • Basic brush strokes
  • Intro to letter styles- casual, block and script
  • Transfer techniques – learn different ways of transferring your own designs onto different surfaces.
  • Create your own design! Learn how to copose and sketch out a design from scratch.

What you'll get

  • The confidence and know-how to continue practicing at home and apply your new skills at work.
  • An ‘Introduction to Signpainting’ handbook by Gaston the Painter, including sign-painter alphabets!
  • All the materials and guidance you need to complete your own hand-painted posters.
  • Worksheets
  • For sale on the day: Sign painting Brushes, merch, and some other goodies- we are cash only so bring your pennies!

what to bring

  • A notepad and pen in case you want to take your own notes
  • Any examples of signpainting that you love for inspo
  • Other than that, we provide you with everything you need for an awesome day!


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