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Gaston the Painter is coming to town and he’s bringin’ his blackboards with him!

In this epic 5 hour lettering session, Gaston will be imparting all his knowledge on blackboards – and how to tackle them efficiently. Letter styles, materials, layouts, and all sorts of other tips & tricks will be shared as Gaston goes over examples of his work, before challenging you to design and chalk up your own blackboard!

Whether you’re looking to brush up your lettering skills or you already do some chalkwork of your own, Gaston’s workshop caters for both beginners and more seasoned writers. A perfect class not only for those in love with hand lettering, but for anybody who works in pubs, bars or cafes!

What you'll get

  • You’ll learn a range of new lettering styles, for title headings and for smaller body text!
  • Gain insights into how to layout a sign for clarity and legibility
  • A critique on your work at the end of the class
  • Sharing a great day with other creative minds!

what to bring

  • A notepad and pen if you want to take any notes of your own
  • Any pics of blackboard lettering that you love for inspo
  • Other that… we supply it all for you!


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