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What is the secret sauce behind big ideas?

Because we live in an age of relentless innovation, without the agility to constantly generate new ideas, we have little chance of surviving in business.

Having a play mindset is the missing puzzle piece to every great discovery and invention. When we were kids we were inspired, happy and whole. Play came naturally. We didn’t need a reason to use our imagination. As we grow older, play gets a bad rep – seen as immature, frivolous and ridiculous. Play creates ridiculous ideas and big innovation lives right on the edge of ridiculous.

This workshop will lead you on a journey through the process of creativity. You’ll explore the principles of creation and destruction/failure as part of the creative process. Insights include beliefs around productivity, attachment to outcome, ownership and the joy of creation.

We invite you to take an extended lunch break and come play with us at Work-Shop!

What you'll get

You will learn:

  • How to give, take and get permission
  • The art of innovation
  • How to bridge the gap between work and play

what to bring

  • An open mind
  • Bring along a workmate – or better still, bring along your whole team!


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