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Join the first lady of Australian lettering, Barbara Enright, as you explore freehand brush letter forms with an emphasis on signwriting for the retail/advertising environment and experimental signage.

In this workshop you will

  • learn the basic strokes needed to gain control of the brushes to create various letter widths as well as working with the paint consistency and flow
  • learn about brush types: round, square and pointed; and which are suited to the different lettering styles such as Casual and Script
  • learn about format, composition and different layouts
  • see inspiring demonstrations by Barbara of her master brush skills

What you'll get

  • your very own Brush Lettering Kit including a special lettering brush and practice guides, all in a personalised folder hand lettered by Barbara
  • all of your work from the day plus a final project demonstrating your skills
  • lots of hands-on experience under one-on-one guidance from a master letterer to inspire your ongoing practice
  • a day of switching off from the computer, hearing Barbara’s fascinating lettering stories and insights and making new friends
  • rad new skills to make your Insta followers swoon

what to bring

A4 and A3 paper will be supplied, however, please feel free to bring along your own visual diary to showcase your work.


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