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In this class we’ll be teaching you the techniques of watercolour painting to create compositions with loose flowers like roses, anemone, wild flowers, and leaves. The final practise will be dedicated to a Watercolour Wreath. YOu’ll be walking out of here with at least 3-4 artworks!

Guidelines with 12 different flowers will be provided for home practising. The instructor also will explain to you how to create a watercolour wreath from the flowers you just learnt to draw during the class.

The natural brush we are going to use during this class is also quite special, as it absorbs water really well and created dreamy, effortless effects for your flowers.

Guided hands-on participation will be carried out to reinforce the concepts and methods shared during the workshop.

What you'll get

  • All materials provided- watercolour paint, paper and brushes ect, as well as gorgeous floral inspiration

what to bring

  • Just that beautiful smile of yours


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