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This introductory class will allow you to navigate your way into and out of all sorts of situations when travelling in a French-speaking country. Not only that, but you’ll be doing it with a bit of élan (style)!

Your confidence will receive an immediate boost when you’re shown just how many French words you already know: from the ordinaire to the risqué.

Not forgetting the practicalities, you’ll also learn greetings, numbers, and phrases that pack a real punch for travellers. Pronunciation will be covered, too, and everyone will leave with a gorgeous little French/English travel phrasebook.

Want to be a part of a movement to better international relations? It could be as easy as starting with bonjour!

What you'll get

  • A relaxed and fun environment to learn French
  • Lingua Franca French/English phrase booklet


what to bring

  • A notepad and pen to take notes.


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