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Allow your design and creative skills to flourish and experience the delight of making something by hand. This 3 hour workshop will give a wonderful taster into the traditional and practical craft of upholstery.

You will style and upholster your own unique footstool to take home. Just bring fabric of your choice (50x60cm) or shop from our Fabric Box Shop on the day. All upholstery materials and the beautiful footstool frames are included and tools will be provided for use during the class. PLUS you can make your own custom buttons or choose from our large selection.

You will learn about cutting foam and how to shape it to create clean lines on your upholstered footstool top. You will learn how to use a button press and how to button your stool for a professional finish.

Get your creative juices flowing and have some fun, whilst you create a beautiful and unique piece of furniture for your home. Come with a friend or meet some new like minded people on the day.

The footstool frames have been crafted by Steve Thomas of Creek Furniture, Orange NSW, using traditional joinery methods. Steve is a lover & collector of timber, which he acquires through myriad of sources, including old shed and farmhouse demolitions. He delights in the provenance of his materials and often notates its’ origins inside the frames of the pieces that he makes.

The Reign of Chairs Fabric Box Shop includes a variety of fabrics as well as some hand made pieces in patchwork. If you are a sewer you might want to design and make your own patchwork piece (50x60cm) prior to the class, to to use on your stool.

What you'll get

  • You will take home a beautifully handcrafted timber footstool upholstered by YOU! 🙂
  • You will have the skills to reupholster a drop-in style seat and the confidence to tackle a project of your own.
  • Footstool frames, foam, dacron and calico to cover, up to 6 buttons, cambric cloth to finish the underside.

what to bring

  • Fabric of your choice or buy fabric from Fiona’s Fabric Box Shop on the day


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