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Come and paint with mother nature and learn the alchemy of creating beautiful colours and prints with plants, flowers and food waste.

Working with ethically sourced materials is an amazing way to create textiles filled with positive intention. 

You will learn about…

  • Suitable plants, flowers and foods and the colours they yield
  • Natural fibres and fabric preparation with mordants
  • Colour extraction and natural modifiers
  • The art of bundle dyeing through wrapping and steaming

Abi will share her personal collection of bundle dyed swatches for colour inspiration and you will use the techniques learned in this workshop to create a lovely printed silk scarf.

This workshop is the perfect introduction to producing eco-friendly textiles and natural dyeing.

 There will be a short break  in the middle of the workshop for students to have lunch.  There is a cafe conveniently located onsite.


What you'll get

  • A selection of dried and fresh flowers and leaves
  • Food waste and kitchen scraps
  • Fabric mordents
  • Colour modifiers
  • A silk scarf to dye 

what to bring

  • Any flowers, leaves or food scraps that you would like to experiment with
  • Pre-washed fabric or pre-loved clothing to bundle dye after your scarf

(These are optional but encouraged)


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