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Come and get messy with mother nature and explore the ancient art of using botanicals and food waste to create beautiful colours and patterns on natural fibres. A multi-sensory experience that will enable you to slow-down and create mindfully.

Using the wonderful technique of bundle dyeing, we will use sustainably sourced and foraged materials to create a unique silk scarf.

Whilst our bundles steam and evolve, we will play with the magic of alchemy by introducing natural modifiers to create a rainbow of possibilities.

Abi will guide you through…

  • Botanicals and food waste and the colours they yield
  • Natural fibres and fabric preparation with mordants
  • Natural pH colour modifiers
  • The art of bundle dyeing through wrapping and steaming

This workshop is the perfect introduction to natural dyeing, producing eco-friendly textiles and adding colour to your wardrobe in a mindful and sustainable way. The bundle dyeing technique is an efficient and simple way to revitalise existing garments and create beautifully patterned fabric.


What you'll get

  • A beautiful selection of dried, fresh and frozen flowers, leaves and other botanicals
  • Food waste (eg. onion skins, berries, spices, herbs)
  • A paj silk scarf
  • Watercolour paper and natural colour modifiers for alchemy play

what to bring

  • Any botanicals from your garden, wilting cut flowers or food waste that you would like to experiment with
  • Please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy!
  • There will be extra scarves to purchase on the day if you would like to experiment further.


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