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Do you wish you could draw flowers just from your imagination? 

In this workshop with Melbourne illustrator  Vanessa Vanderhaven, you’ll learn how to draw petal shapes for various flower types and different view perspectives, express detail with rendering techniques, and create natural movement in your florals. We’ll stray from the confines of mathematics and science into the freedom of visual art; let your creativity flow. Floral illustration is present in many designs and formats – beauty products, cafe menus, book covers, beverage labels, for example – and it’s a versatile design skill to add your arsenal.

Vanessa will take you through each step to illustrating beautiful flowers. Learn how to draw petal shapes for flower types, different view perspectives, rendering techniques to communicate details and how to create movement in your florals.

Load your pistils and make a stamen: there’s no borophyll here.

What you'll get

  • All Materials supplied!

what to bring

  • Any preferred drawing materials you would like to bring with you!


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