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Fish is finding its way onto more tables than ever before. Everywhere you look, people are singing the praises of seafood. It cooks quickly and is very versatile, not to mention delicious and nutritious. Nowadays, everybody recognizes that fish are a good source of protein and rich in healthy oils.

Despite this growing popularity and glowing press reviews, most fish is still eaten out. Many cooks are simply reluctant to try cooking fish at home, and they are unsure about how to buy the right type and handle it properly. This workshop will give you the facts, and the confidence, you need to start making fish a more regular part of your home cooking repertoire.

What you'll get

  • Introduction about what to look for when selecting fish, key points for freshness.
  • Demonstrate how to fillet a large fish eg salmon, how to prepare it, skin it, pin bone, and what parts to use for what.
  • Hands on practice filleting some smaller fish, eg mackerel, bonito.
  • Demonstrate how to cook salmon and prepare Sashimi
  • Demonstrate smoking your own salmon
  • Eating! Bring an empty stomach because you will get fed!

what to bring

  • An apron (spares on hand!)