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Under the expert guidance of local artist and all round legend Stephen Evans, we’ll lead you on a raucous, colourful and hilarious Sunday journey in which you’ll create not one, but two masterpieces painted with just your hands- not a brush to be seen!

In this awesome class, you’ll learn some basic colour theory, painting composition and unique techniques on how to paint using just what you were born with- your hands (other body parts may become involved depending on how many drinks are consumed)

Enjoy a glass of house wine and prepare to rediscover that childhood passion of getting messy while learning a rad new skill to create art at home! You’ll be amazed at what you will create.

What you'll get

  • Acrylic paint and canvas
  • A glass of house wine to get the creative juices flowing
  • Latex gloves if you don’t wanna get too messy (but it is more fun that way)

what to bring

Your inner child!


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