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Forget bringing them flowers- bring ’em a terrarium instead!

These little succers (see what we did there?!) make the perfect Chrissy present or centrepiece for the Christmas dinner table, so join us as the Work-Shop crew guide you through the steps so you can walk away with a tiny green oasis. We’ll provide suitably festive and colour coordinated plants and accessories to make your yuletide terrarium, and we will cover everything from construction to caring for your little masterpiece.

What you'll get

  • Medium sized terrarium vase
  • Succulents and other terrarium friendly plants
  • Sand, pebbles, rocks and moss
  • Fun ‘extras’ to add to make the terrariums unique and Christmassy lookin’!
  • Tools
  • The Work-Shop non-patented layering system for keeping shit alive…
  • Cheesy Christmas tunes to get you in the mood
  • A drinkie from our mates at Cake Wines to get your creative juices flowing

what to bring

Just that beautiful smile of yours


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