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Have you always wanted to make your own fermented food products, but not quite sure how to get started at home? Traditional cultures have been fermenting foods for centuries: as a method to preserve food and based on their understanding of how cultured foods improve gut health. Join us for a hands-on fermenting workshop at where you will learn just how easy it really is!

Wholefoods cooking class instructor Andrea Ball from The Green Gourmet will take you through everything you need to know to make ferments in your own kitchen, including Andrea’s colourful take on a classic sauerkraut, mixed fermented vegetables and a delicious fermented salsa to enjoy in the warmer months. She will even demonstrate how quick and easy it is to ferment your own crème fraîche at home.

This class will include informative discussions with Andrea about all things fermented, hands-on sessions to make your own jar of all listed above, recipes and guidelines to take home, all the equipment needed, and a delicious selection of different fermented foods to nibble on throughout the night. And, of course, you’ll get to take your fabulous ferments home with you!

What you'll get

  • The recipes and guidelines for all recipes to take home
  • 3 jars of your own fermented foods that you’ve made to take home
  • A selection of different fermented foods to nibble on and wine to enjoy throughout the night

what to bring

  • Please bring your own kitchen knife with you that you feel comfortable chopping vegetables with
  • An apron


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