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Extraordinary Reads is a monthly drop-in book club with a curated reading list that aims to spark conversations about creativity and the fundamental experience of being human. It’s not about abstract, inaccessible ideas, but exploring our creative process and everyday experiences through a new lens.

With a focus on popular psychology and philosophy, each month a new book will be prescribed along with a list of links to podcast interviews, TED talks and articles so if you don’t have time to read the book, you can still get the gist and be part of the conversation.

Join us for wine, cheese and extraordinary chats with friendly faces every third Monday of the month. For the quarterly reading list and links, please visit http://www.extraordinaryroutines.com/reads

Special offer: Always make the self-promise to read more in the New Year? In the spirit of sticking to your resolutions, we’re offering limited places to book three months Extraordinary Reads to help you kick start your reading habits in 2016.

Extraordinary Reads packs: $45
Extraordinary Reads per session: $20

What you'll get

what to bring

The required reading for this session is:

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

+ Watch the TedTalk
+ Read more on Fast Company
+ Listen to What Makes a Life Worth Living on TED Radio Hour

Buy the book: 
Brunswick Bound
– or –
Try your local bookstore or library!

  • Please bring along your hardcopy or ebook if desired!
  • Conversation points and thoughts on allocated book
  • Notebook and pen


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.