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This workshop is about curiosity, observation and hands-on making. The keys to your unique creativity. Through tasks, games and challenges, we will be seeking to generate stories and associations through the objects we find and collect during our co-creative scavenger hunt.

‘The creative mind plays with objects it loves.’ Carl Jung

Through employing the creative process we will collect, document and generate works individually, in groups and finally as a collaborative collective. You will be asked to collect objects you love from home, on your trip to the workshop, just stuff that around you that you love and also from our work-shop location. Together we will share our innate creativity and make stuff!

The interaction of our stories, our materials and our ‘leaps of imagination’ will stimulate, surprise and inspire you. You will take away with you the indelible knowledge of a creative process that you can employ in both your daily work or business routine as well as any future creative practice.

Let’s get started…

What you'll get

  • Work-Shop plan to understand and employ the creative process
  • 3 project activities: warm up, individual, group
  • Supervision and tutoring of thinking and making phases
  • Feedback and direction
  • Key take-outs and observations
  • Summary of what we’ve learned together

what to bring

  • Smartphone with camera and personal photos + music library
  • A3 bond sketchpad and A3 plain cardboard
  • Pencils, Ink pens, Rubbers, PVC Craft Glue

Small objects you love and you’ve found, such as:

  • Collected objects from the street and your environment eg. Sticks, wire, leaves, stones, nuts n bolts, flowers
  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Small boxes, jars, containers