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Participants will learn the fundamentals of hand stitching around a core whilst adding various colours and textures (coiling).

This short course is ideal for those with busy lifestyles through the week and are looking for time out for themselves to enjoy creating their own basket.

You’ll learn basic basket making techniques including how to make a slip knot and then stitch around it to form the centre of a circle, how to use texture,┬áthickness and┬átension to achieve┬ádifferent results and how to finish off your basket.

Come along and join in for lots of laughter and creativity. No two baskets are ever the same!

What you'll get

Tapestry needle (yours to keep)


Recycled fabric, wool, natural and hand dyed raffia, trim.

Additional material to take home if required

Afternoon tea included

what to bring

You’re welcome to bring your own materials to include in your basket making.

Note paper and pen.