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Learn how to carve your very own stamps and start to create wrapping paper, printed fabric, business cards, prints and much more.

Once you start it will be hard to stop. You will be provided with your very own stamp kit and will learn some simple techniques that will get you carving and stamping like a professional.

I use stamping almost everyday in my packaging, letters and art kits and I already have a long list of things that I want to carve for Christmas.

If you would love to personalise your Christmas gifts this season or just want to learn a fabulous new skill, this will be the perfect course for you.

What you'll get

Your very own stamp carving kit that you can take home. It consists of a large stamp carving block, a carving tool and attachments and your own stamp pads. Paper and stamping blocks will also be provided to test your stamps.

what to bring

You need to bring a simple drawing or B&W photocopy of an image that you would love to carve. Your blocks are approximately 70mm x 140mm so don’t make your image any bigger than this. If you cant think of something there are a few different designs included in your kits.

Feel free to bring your own fabric, blank cards or paper if you have something special you would like to print on.