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In this hands on workshop you will learn various techniques to create your own colourful resin jewellery. You will design and create two resin bangles and two resin rings. Learn how to mix resin, add colour pigment and finish your jewellery pieces. You will have the opportunity to make two resin bangles and two resin rings that will be ready for you to take home on the day.

The first part of this workshop will include a brief explanation of how to use resin to create your own one of a kind jewellery pieces. Next is a demonstration on how to work quick and efficient with pouring resin into various jewellery moulds. In the next stage of this workshop you will be able to choose your own colour pigments and create unique designs to cast two bangles and two rings of your own choice.  The final part of this workshop will involve sanding and polishing your pieces ready for you to take home.

What you'll get

  • A minimum of 2 resin bangles and 2 resin rings handmade by you
  • Your very own creative kit that includes all the resin, tools and safety equipment you need
  • Use of a variety of stylish and funky silicone bangle and ring moulds
  • Loads of opaque and transparent colour pigments, glitters and shimmer powders to use to create original designs
  • All materials required for shaping, sanding and polishing your handmade pieces

what to bring

  • A creative & playful mind