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Prepare your nostrils to be taken on an adventure! Whether you are a self-confessed fragrance fanatic, or are a complete novice and just love smells; it’s time to concoct the scent of your dreams and unlock creativity through smell. In this workshop with one of Australia’s leading scent specialists, Kat Snowden, you’ll learn how to use essential oils and natural materials to create your own custom perfume, tailored to your nostrils.

You’ll learn about complementing scents, how to balance your blend, as well as the practical skills required to make perfume. With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Kat will be there to answer any questions, provide feedback, and lend a helping hand throughout the whole process. You’ll have the opportunity to test a whole variety of combinations (as many as your heart desires), experimenting and sniffing until you find your perfect match. You’ll document these experiment recipes to take home and replicate in the future. Once you’ve found your desired smell, you’ll move onto blending it into a roll-on perfume, ready to rub all over yourself. 

Bring a M8 (or a D8) and score ten bucks off each ticket!

What you'll get

All materials provided

Notes to take home

Your experiment blend recipes

A roll-on perfume made by you!



what to bring

Your nose


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