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Step aside Fabio, ‘cos your outdated ideas of what’s sexy are in the bin, and we are here to write our own tales of lust and pleasure.

Join sex coach and writer, Georgia Grace, in an immersive, creative, inspiring (and often hilarious) course that explores sex, sensuality and a deepening awareness of pleasure. You can expect to have fun and learn about the creative process of sex, while flirting with your words and stories and develop fundamental writing skills by engaging your erotic mind.

Please note this is a three week course (April 15th, 22nd and 29th), so ensure you can commit to all three dates before signing up. Pricing covers attendance to all three weeks, and no partial refunds will be given for missed classes.

What you'll get

Three Wednesday evenings of exploring your erotic writing skills. Class plan as follows-

  • Week 1 (April 15th): Meeting your inner erotic writer
    • Introduction: getting started as an erotic writer
    • You are supported to find your own path, overcome obstacles like fear, and start writing by putting pen to paper┬á
    • Learn creative processes and how it applies to eroticism
    • Understand eroticicm, sexual themes and desires

    Week 2 (April 22nd): How to craft a THROBBING page turner

    • Learn what makes a strong, sensual plot.┬á
    • Draw from the greats and learn how to use erotic tales as building blocks for your stories.
    • Explore the many ways you can structure your story and create a multi-layered (multi-orgasmic) narrative.
    • Learn how core erotic themes shape the story
    • Build excitement and arousal through storytelling

    Week 3 (April 29th): Take the lead – character development

    • Choosing the right point of view to tell your story will shape how the audience feels reading it
    • Exercises to help you explore different characters, and the impact each lead will have on your story
    • Learn about the finer details┬á
    • Practice how to create thoughtful, dynamic characters you know by heart.
    • Write an erotic story

what to bring

  • Your preferred medium for writing- laptop, pen and paper etc
  • An open mind and a sense of humour!


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.