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After my last exhibition ‘Entomology’ at China Heights gallery in April, I have grown to really appreciate the form and beauty of insects.

Their alien physiology has become something that I admire and fascinates my imagination. Their shiny and reflective outer shells and transparent glass like wings create a texture unique in the animal kingdom. Because of this they have become a subject that never fails to give me inspiration.

Over the years I have collected a small number of entomology artifacts that I have used as reference. I will bring these in to help inspire you, as well as print reference and my own materials that I use to show you how I create my works. We will experiment with a variety of materials like Watercolour & Gouache as I guide you through how to get the best out of insect art.

What you'll get

  • Subjects from TJ’s private collection
  • Watercolour, Gouache, brushes, paper, tracing paper, and drawing supplies to use in class

what to bring

  • Any favourite drawing or painting materials