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Have you always wanted to turn your hobby into a thriving online store? Do you have plans to be the next Amazon, but need help getting to the next level? Did you know that Showroom, where we host all of our Homeroom workshops, started as a humble online shop?

Through Homeroom’s training programs we’ve met lots of creative entrepreneurs with amazing ideas who need help bringing their businesses to market in a cost efficient, time effective, beautiful way. E-commerce can be the perfect solution, and we want to take the guess work out of how to do it right!
There’s never been a better time to open an online business. The web presents so many opportunities for designers, creatives and small business owners to reach a much wider audience and start building their dream life. But there’s also plenty of competition online and customers really do expect even the smallest web shops to get things right. That means all of us selling in the digital space need to raise our game if we want our products to get noticed and attract a loyal following.

What you'll get

A variety of tips and links in handling creative freelancing most effectively
All teaching materials
Pens and paper


what to bring

A creative mindset and enthusiasm
Be ready and willing to learn and grow your passion into a business.


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