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Is this class just an excuse for more doggos in our life? Perhaps. But it’s besides the point. Regardless of motive, this class will teach you how to capture the likeness of the most attractive, loyal, bestest being in your life- your pupper.

Sally will be guiding you through basic pencil illustration technique and skills, covering compositions, line, shading and layering to create depth and capture your fur baby’s personality on paper. These techniques can be applied to any subject matter, meaning you can take your new found confidence and continue your illustration journey long after the class is done.

WE LOVE THE DOGGOS. So if your pup is well behaved, gets on well with other dogs and you don’t mind taking them down the stairs and across the road to do their business when needed, feel free to bring your subject matter with you to Work-Shop capture their likeliness live. Be warned- we will also demand cuddles.

Join us for a fun and fur filled evening!

What you'll get

  • All materials to create your masterpiece
  • Learn skills and techniques that can be used to illustrate absolutely any subject matter

what to bring

  • Ummm… your pup! And anything the dog might need to stay comfy for the duration of the class. But just a disclaimer- all attendees will be wholly responsible for their dog while in the class, and while it pains us to turn away any fur baby, Work-Shop reserve the right to ask a participant to leave should the dog be causing any issues for other students or doggos in the class.
  • If you can’t bring your own fur baby, bring a picture to reference to create your masterpiece!
  • We’ll provide you with everything else you need!


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.