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This life drawing class will have you feeling more confident and more practiced in drawing the human form.

A relaxed and fun class that caters for beginners as well as more experienced artists, you will learn various techniques required to draw from life.

Drawing from a live model, the class will feature a number of exercises and is broken into two parts, the first hour focusing on quick sketches and warm ups, starting with 30 second, 2 minute and 5 minute poses. After a quick break we will move onto 10 and 15 minute poses where students can practice techniques and spend more time on finished works.

Learn how to draw the human form, and you will be able to learn how to draw just about anything!

What you'll get

  • Learn various techniques the will help you draw the human form more accurately.
  • Practice exercises that will help you gain more confidence in drawing from life.
  • Drawing Boards with clips and newsprint and cartridge paper will be supplied.
  • Charcoal and graphite to draw with.
  • Live Model

what to bring

Any other materials you wish to draw on or with!


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