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This workshop will be an introduction into the practical art and philosophy around sacred and islamic geometry.

We learn to use the ancient tools of compass and straight edge, the same tools that have been used for aeons to design cathedrals, churches, mosques, temples, pyramids.  Looking at connection between these eternal shapes and topics ranging through the natural world, the cosmos, the sciences and also art.

Find out why the most well known of the renaissance painters, all the way through to Dali learnt these Geometric rules, even if they never directly included the shapes themselves in their final paintings.

We will learn the beautiful art of Islamic pattern design, studying the simple rules that can be repeated over and over to create wonderfully intricate, but simple patterns – similar to ones you may have seen in mosques and on tiles from across the Muslim world.

You will then learn the basic concept of geometric design in Islamic art by using basic geometric instruments – compass and ruler.

Geometry is the blueprint language of our reality – come find out what that means.

What you'll get

  • The ticket price includes all materials and equipment, and participants will take home their Islamic geometric pattern artworks at the end of the session.
  • A very comprehensive, hands-on class. The workshop shows you the methods of drawing Sacred Geometry, with applications in a variety of easy patterns.
  • This workshop will allow you to learn about different designs of Islamic art, for example patterns found in many of Morocco’s traditional buildings and mosques.
  • No experience required!

what to bring

  • OPTIONAL* bring along any colouring or drawing tools that you’d prefer to use (compasses/coloured pencils/drawing pens/etc)


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