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My passion is to spread health and happiness (especially of doggos) through food. I believe that nutrition fundamentally underpins our health, and is a key ingredient to a long and happy life. Dogs are no different, so it’s high time we start to rethink how we nourish them.

This workshop will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your dogs’ nutritional needs and the benefits of providing them with a fresh, natural diet. In the interactive portion we will make our own food from a selection of suitable ingredients, which you can take home to your pooch. We will also cover some practical tips for making your own food and reducing waste.

If you want to start making your dogs’ food, if you already are making their food and you want to make sure you’re on the right track, or if you’re just keen to learn more about their nutritional needs, this workshop is for you.

What you'll get

A selection of ingredients to make your own healthy and wholesome food which you can take home to your pooch.

what to bring

Bring an apron (optional) and a willingness to handle raw meat.


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