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Come and get hands on with this upholstery workshop where you’ll learn to sculpt and crimp foam, stretch and fold fabric to create a padded seat for a milk crate.

You’ll experience the sheer satisfaction of physical creation, recalling the human and artistic elements of production that’s often glossed over in today’s age of mass digital fabrication.

You’ll get insights into the realities and processes of furniture production in this exercise in tactility and perspective. Hands on Upholstery is a social event chock full of peers and a great opportunity to discuss the value of hand production, bespoke design and local objects.

What you'll get

  • Tools
  • Base boards to fit a milk crate
  • Foam
  • Repurposed fabric options (Coffee sacks, Street Banners and salvaged fabrics)

what to bring

  • 60cm sq of your chosen fabric if you want – this is an awesome opportunity to stencil, screen print, paint or spray your own design if you’re up for it. Note that roughly 40cm x 40cm will be visible in the final product, so keep your designs centred and sized with that in mind.