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Whether you are a self-confessed fragrance tragic, or are a complete novice and just love smells; Jocelyn will take you on a tour through the wonderful world of fragrance then help you unlock your creativity through making your very own perfume.

Using her travelling kit of perfumes and ingredients Jocelyn will take you on a fragrant journey. You will learn about perfumes are made, the stories behind them, and how  precious ingredients sourced from all over the globe are used to create olfactory works of art.

Once you have gathered a palette of smells to work with, you will learn about how you can blend ingredients to create a perfume. Your imagination is the limit.

Do you love flowers or woods, spices or resins? Maybe you’re a gourmand with a love of chocolate and raspberries.

You will have a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of fragrance ingredients that have been curated especially for your use for this workshop. Using this treasure trove of scents, Jocelyn will assist you in bring your fragrant inspiration to life.

What you'll get

  • The chance to create a fragrance from the travelling perfume organ

  • An atomiser or roller bottle of the perfume that you make on the day

  • Rare and classical fragrances to be sampled in session

  • Notes on perfume and a guide for olfactory exploration

  • Scent strips for smelling

  • Wine to sip on! It’s a full scenes experience 😉

what to bring

  • Your creativity, something to write with and a notebook for ideas and inspiration.
  • We’ll provide the rest!


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